Board Members

Josh Schneider
Board Member & President

From leading large young plant sales, marketing, and product development teams to managing domestic and international plant supply chains for the Global Breadfruit tropical agricultural division of Cultivaris, Josh brings 25+ years of hands-on experience in the horticulture industry to the hemp sector. First introduced to hemp cultivation in 2018, Josh and his team at Cultivaris Hemp continue to build out reliable supply chains for hemp breeders, cultivators, and farmers alike. Josh’s passion and expertise for creating sustainable agriculture systems and supply chains has fostered a passion for speaking out on behalf of farmers in the hemp industry. His goals for the Hemp Farmers Guild include defending the farmer against poorly-considered and badly-drafted laws and regulations and educating the regulators and legislators on the most effective and efficient ways to regulate the hemp industry in California.


Chris Boucher
Board Member & Treasurer

Chris Boucher is widely recognized as one the preeminent figures in the American Industrial Hemp movement. In 1994, Boucher grew the first legal hemp research field in the America in over fifty years in Brawley California. contracted by the USDA and the Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner Over 2 acres of industrial hemp plants were cultivated. The project was documented by CNN and remains a milestone in American hemp history. In 1992 Boucher co-founded the HIA Hemp Industries Association which still exists today.
Boucher also co-authored the landmark game changer “Hemp CBD is Legal in All 50 States” back in 2012. This was instrumental in kickstarting the US Hemp CBD industry into a billion dollar industry that is today.
In 1991, Chris Boucher founded The Hempstead Company, as one of the first hemp clothing and seed businesses in the US in more than five decades. Boucher’s company marketed and sold hemp seed, hemp seed oil, hemp textiles, and hemp clothing in 1000s of stores globally. Clients included Converse Shoes, the Disney Stores, The Beatles (for their
Anthology Release), The Dave Mathews Band, Phish, Ziggy Marley, the Turner Foundation, the Bob Marley Foundation, Save the Earth Foundation, and the Rainforest Action Network.
Boucher has grown hemp in China, Poland, Hungary, Romania and the US. Boucher has also helped draft and promote hemp legislation, resulting in the first hemp agricultural laws in California and Colorado between 1994 – 2017. In 1997 Boucher’s work with the Navajo Nation in Arizona was instrumental in passing the first Native American Hemp laws for reservations.
Chris has been interviewed on 150+ radio stations, reaching an audience of 20+million. Boucher is CEO of Farmtiva seed breeder Inc. in San Diego CA. He resides in Laguna Beach, California with his wife, and donates his time as a mentor to underserved youth in South Central Los Angeles. He travels the country speaking and consulting on behalf of agricultural hemp, and the new American hemp industry.


Justin Eve
Board Member & Secretary

Justin brings a diverse industry background of over 15 years to the hemp space. Founder of 7 Generations Producers & Eve Management Co. Justin has spent 10+ years in the “GreenTech” industry. Professionally trained in sales, Justin immersed himself in the world of Agriculture in 2010. He lives on the farm in Nicolaus, California with his wife and two young boys where they are developing a 155-acre parcel into a cutting-edge sustainable farm of the future. Their goal is to showcase a sustainable model of industrial scale specialty crop farming. Their farm is involved in breeding and cultivation with an eye toward hemp fiber and plastics production. As a farmer, Justin brings real-world experience to navigating the challenges of hemp farming and regulation. He has been involved in key policy advocacy efforts at the State and National levels advocating for the future security and success of hemp farmers.