Sample Letter Template

Sample Letter


Honorable [name of legislator]

California State [Senate or Assembly]

State Capitol, Room [# here]

Sacramento, CA 94815

Re: [AB or SB] [bill number] – [SUPPORT or OPPOSE]

Dear [Senator / Assemblymember] [Name here]:

This letter is in reference to [Assembly Bill / Senate Bill] [bill number], which is scheduled to be heard in [your committee/ the Assembly / the Senate] soon [or on a particular date, if you know].

This bill would have the following effect on the community: (this paragraph should expand on issues related to bill).

Thank you for talking the time to review my concerns on this piece of legislation. After this bill comes up for a vote, I would appreciate being informed as to how you voted and why. I am available to answer questions or provide testimony on this important issue.


(Your Name)


(Phone Number)