Membership Tiers

The Hemp Farmers Guild was founded to give farmers a voice in Sacramento and protect the hard working people who grow hemp from more bad laws and expensive and confusing regulations.

The Hemp Farmers Guild:

  • Presents a clear and unified voice on behalf of California’s hemp farmers

  • Works to proactively educate legislators and regulators on the needs of California’s hemp industry

  • Advocates for reasonable legislation and responsible regulation of hemp cultivation and final product labeling

  • Fights against legislation and regulation that harm farmers and our businesses

  • Provides a forum for California’s hemp farmers to network and organize

Regular Voting Members

Hemp Farmers Guild membership is open to any person that 1) produces hemp for commercial purposes in California (including on tribal land within California) and holds an active CDFA or USDA registration and/or local permit for hemp cultivation, or 2) is a landowner whose land is farmed under an active CDFA registration or local permit for hemp, or 3) grows hemp under a lawful research exemption

$1000/year - Large: annual sales of $250,001+

$500/year - Medium: annual sales of $100,001 to $250,000

$250 /year - Small: annual sales of $100,000 or less

$100/ year - Student

$500/ year - Academic Membership (Institute of Higher Learning/Ag Research Station)

Suppliers/Processors/Allied Business:

Associate Non-voting Member

Those who aren’t qualified for voting membership but who believe in and agree with the mission of the Hemp Farmers Guild, including but not limited to suppliers, researchers, processors, consultants, etc. are encouraged to apply for associate membership.

$5000/year - Large: annual sales of $500,000+

$2500/year - Medium: annual sales of $250,000 - $500,000

$1000/year - Small: annual sales of $250,000 or less

Dues are based on annual sales of hemp products for both regular and associate members